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Centrifugal Supercharger (Procharger) L28

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I am having a very hard time deciding if I want to spend crazy amounts of cash on a VR38dett GTR motor and drop in my 280z or build the L28 that is in it. My friend just currently bought a GTR and I would like to at least look like I'm keeping up with it when we are out cruising together, but that's a lot of money and technical work to achieve a VR38dett swap. I'm leaning towards rebuilding my current L28 and putting a centrifugal supercharger on it running into dual intercoolers. I just feel like the VR38dett is overkill for me because I am not looking to be smoking everything out on the road. I am definitely ok with just having 600 horse, give or take,which is why I'm thinking go with the L28 super build. Thoughts????????

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Curious on your budget too. Even thinking about a Vr38DETT and associated transmission is pretty up there.


Not sure if a supercharger is going to cut it, the prochargers and stuff actually don't build much boost, and getting a 400hp v8 up 200hp would be somewhat equivalent of getting a 170hp L28 to 250hp. I know Timz got to 600hp at 25lbs of boost with a very worked over engine and a very big turbo and lots of work so it is possible, just depends on if it is worth it to keep that platform. 


Not sure why you are interested in twin intercoolers with a supercharger, if you mean running two intercoolers, then might as well run a bigger one with more FPI. Or run an intercooler and an aftercooler with an ice pump if you were looking for a cool charge, although you would be sitting there filling it all the time. Or you could run meth injection if you needed to cool the charge.


If you are looking for high hp, it really isn't worth it to stick with the L28 for very long, it is doable, but there are easier platforms to reach that kind of power on. 2jz's can make that kind of power, v8's can make that kind of power with power adders etc. 


An R35 also makes like 470 stock, throw in the fact it is about 1000lbs heavier, and if you shoot for hp/ton you don't need 600hp if you just want to cruise.

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You could swap a warrantied crate 525hp ls3 from GM for just the cost of the vr38dett and trans.


Although, you lost me at 2 intercoolers. That makes zero sense, do you know what your talking about here?


Vr38 us going to cost like 13k for low miles w/o trans. Stock turbo orientation likely won't work without tubing the front end of the car. That would be one heck of a swap, extremely expensive if you are paying a shop. I'm thinking 30k+ atleast, most likely a lot higher.

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