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L28 Build


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Hi all,


Im fairly new when it comes to engine work so wanted to get some opinions.


I am building a L28 street 240z. I have a F54 Block, P90a Head with 3x40dcoe.


I am looking at a rebuild in the very neer future and wondering what i should defiantly replace, and what still would have life in it.


I am looking at a faily stock(ish) build, but a setup that wont restrict the webers at all so a cam that would suit. I was thinking a MSA stage 2 cam?


Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.


Im from NZ so parts will be comi g from the US most likely.






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I thought I read somewhere that a high lift cam doesn't work well with the p90a head due to the hydraulic lifters?.?. Other than that I think the stage 2 cam is probably a good idea.


Probably put some fresh timing components on it. Or get one of the Kameari adjustable tensioning gears ($$$) and adjustable cam gear.


While you are at it, I recommend you do some porting on the head & intake. While I didn't do any on my shaved P90 head, the general concinsous here, based on what I have read in many posts, is that porting/polishing can unlock some hidden ponies. I'll get that done next time.


Is your head shaved? I think the compression ratio may be a little low for NA performance if not. Consider the octane rating available to you down there before shaving it. I have to run 93 octane or I get some pinging.

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