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Tachometer and ms2


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Is it possible to easily wire my 74.5 260z tach to the coil and or megasquirt so my tachometer can work properly. Pretty sure my tach is like a 280z tach not a 240z tach. Blue wire and white with black stripe wire. I connected them to the coil and the car foesnt start with them connected i asdumr this is because its sending voltage to the coil and interfering with the megasquirt spark. Any ideas?. Thanks

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Stock, the Tach is receiving it's signal from the electronic ignition module - under the glove box area.  The electronic ignition runs a blue wire to the "-" post of the coil (to fire the coil) AND to the Tach through a resistor.  The blue wire tees off under the dash.  You'll find the resistor (a small rectangular plastic thing) coming out of the dash harness near the glove box.  The stock electronic ignition module should be removed if you're not using it - at a minimum, the blue wire should be disconnected from it if you're using the blue to drive the Tach.

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