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Unidentified Suspension/Differential mount part

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1975 280Z R200 diff non-LSD




First of all, I made a mistake disassembling my suspension without first taking pictures...new to the weekend mechanic world...lots of forum searches, using my haynes manual, youtube, etc..


I have looked in my Haynes manual and searched google images of suspension breakdowns, and still can't seem to identify this part. If I remember correctly, I removed it from the differential mount area. I did lots of cleanup on it and was covered in oil/grime.


Please help! I attached pictures of the part.




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It's an anvil that Nissan provided with every car.  It bolts to the bottom of the diff mount crossmember.  Actually, it's a vibration damper.  Many people remove them and never notice a difference.  It is a handy weight and/or anvil to have in the shop though.


Nissan doesn't mention it much in the FSM.  I've only found one instance.




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