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240z to EFI Fuel Hard Lines

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There are a ton of threads on this but I haven't seen one that directly discusses using 280z fuel feed and return lines in a 240z setup with 240z rubber insulators.  Will this work? I want to go ahead and upsize my fuel lines for future HP expansion but I want to keep them plug and play if possible and use the original cadmium plated fuel/brake line clips and rubber insulators. I'm curious if anyone has done this (use stainless 280z fuel lines on a 240z with OEM fuel/brake line clips/insulators like this https://zcardepot.com/fuel/gas-tank/fuel-and-brake-line-mounting-insulator-set-240z.html )?


FWIW I'm planning to use the original 240z gas tank (for now) and a Walbro GSL392 and Carter P4070 low pressure lift pump.



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That would be the easiest way if it worked. I'd have to see the lines side by side to see if they would line up. SS would be a bitch to tweak if you have to


That's what I've read is that SS is a PITA to work with. I've been trying to find a 240z and 280z diagram of the fuel lines to get a rough comparison -- still looking.

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