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  1. I'm using a 3 core Champion and Taurus 2 speed fan with only high wired to a Dodge minivan PWM controller, stock thermostat and 4 corner steam vents in the heads, stays at 200 under all conditions. LS engines need flow through the heater hoses or a small bypass in the thermostat, removing the small rivet is enough, hope this helps.
  2. I have, wouldn't say it was dangerous just felt loose with no feedback from the steering
  3. The power steering ecu has a vss input that is connected to the ls3 vss output, I set the vss for double actual speed, running Speedhut gps speedometer and T56 so I did not need the vss out for anything.
  4. I have the silvermine kit on my ls swapped 71, I have it wired in to the ecu and it turns off at 30 mph , 1 hand parking and tight when driving.
  5. ,I am using a stock 2008 LS3 and at the exhaust stage now. I will be running 2.5 into a Jone's Exhaust chambered Y, 3" single with an auger in the pipe and Magnaflow 3 chamber muffler. Should have it done next weekend and will report back.
  6. Vortec heads come with weak valve springs . You can swap in ls6 springs and a comp cams retainer for a cheap upgrade and be good to around .500 lift . Comp also sells a tool to cut the guide down with a hand drill if your up to pulling the heads off. The xe268 cam is about as big as you want with a stock converter , but its a good daily driver cam .Make sure your timing is around 32 degrees total for vortecs, Also if that carb is box stock its probably way rich at w.o.t and costing you some power
  7. Looks like you a good car to start with, I'm in the last stage of my LS3/T56 build. Welcome to the fun
  8. Its called a brake pedal pad,looks like a button, you can get it in the help section.
  9. I bent a new 3/8 line for my 240 and drilled the insulators with a 3/8 bit , works great and looks factory
  10. After a lot of reading I went with vintage rubber . Everything has fit very well , door seals fit with no slamming . Still have front and rear glass to do.
  11. Hi everybody looking for the brackets that hold the lines to the body for a 71 240z PM me if you have any for sale thanks .
  12. It does sound like an exhaust leak , but there is another noise it sounds too fast at idle to be a lifter , look for something rubbing around the flywheel area maybe a bent dust shield .
  13. Hi,NewZed is on target sounds like a big vacuum leak, check your work at the manifold gasket.
  14. You can buy split braided loom off ebay that is easy to install and looks very good.
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