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SDS wiring to RB25DET crank angle sensor (cas)

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 I am trying to set up a series 2 Skyline RB25DET with a SDS EM4.   How does the CAS wire to the SDS EM4?   the CAS has a 4 wire plug (#1 is +120 degs, , #2  is +1 degs, #3 is power supply,  #4 is earth)  which wires go to SDS and  which pinout(s)?  In the distant past, I had read some places the SDS doesnt talk to the CAS and other places that only use one of the signal wires.  After recent searching I cant find anything on this subject.  I have an email request into Ross at Racetech but have'nt heard back.Any and all help would be appreciated.  Can I not wire to cas and get good timing function?  Hair all pulled out.  hep me hep me ahhhhhh!

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I've tuned a couple of local SDS systems. They are 1980's technology and archaic. The Tuning on that single line programming pad  is a nightmare, as nothing is user friendly. Very few people will Tune SDS anymore. Not trying to be a Smart Arse.. but ditch the thing or sell it on E-Bay. 

Take that money and put it towards a proper ECU such as a Haltech Elite 750 ( purpose built for 6 cylinder engines with

6 Universal injector drivers and 6  coil drivers ) . The Elite 750 is a bargain for 6 cylinder engines and it just WORKS. Straight out of the box. 

Other good options are : Adaptronic, Link, Holley Dominator, AEM Infinity.  You pay more...but the ease of installation, setup and tuning is well worth every single penny IMHO.

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You have to mount 4 magnets on the crank pulley as SDS will use its own input HALL sensor. if you set your CAS with mount and mark TDC Ross can mount the magnets for you at a small fee. http://www.sdsefi.com/techhall3.htm

 Yes SDS is old but it works and works decent. I have it on my stroker l30et  putting down 400hp . If your looking at a new ECU all good suggestions from chickenman but do not over look ECU masters they also have a Plug and play harness adapter another bonus is it has a built in wideband controller in the unit that will save you 150-350 just on a wideband. 

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