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My 2015 v6 mustang swapped z31 with s30 bits slapped on


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When i realized my 240z project was too rusty under all the bondo to bother i was bummed out. When my 300zx motor started to sound like a washing machine full of rocks i was ready to give up on life.  When my boss told me i needed to get my junk cars out of the shop, I completely lost my mind and offered him $2000 for "everything i need to make it move" out of the various salt water flooded mustangs in the shop.  We restored flooded cars and shipped them over seas btw.  Note the giant pile of wires!


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I sat in the shop after work on a friday drinking a few beers and attempting to talk sense into myself. Itll never fit!



I couldnt seem to figure out the steering clearance and whatnot and the frame rails where a bit narrow so i said eff it and cut the rails from a mustang and slapped them in. 


The hunk of Mustang I usedreceived_1249727015113173.jpeg.f919abb5f16041e9c47c154ba38ed3cc.jpeg


I have no idea if this car is safe...  Jk in pretty sure its more solid then a hell if a lot of rusty cars ive had inspected in PAreceived_1286606224758585.jpeg.32def4809661ba90f5083c43861974d8.jpeg

Probably not straight... 


Fill it up!

The steering and subframe and whatnot all got pushed wayyy more forward and I thought so i decided to slap my worthless 240z front on it!


Hmmm might as well go all out with the self tappers eh?received_1325820734170467.thumb.jpeg.008fd1a3e8c26e555c674557a1897391.jpeg





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