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Which vac hose to tap for boost gauge? (with pics)

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6 hours ago, Chickenman said:

That's an interesting gauge mount. Where did you get it?


It's really nothing special... just a $15 universal mount from glowshift: https://www.glowshiftdirect.com/universal-single-gauge-swivel-dashboard-pod/


It includes a little rubber grommet to hold the gauge in there securely. I like the location and adjustability, but I might trim 1/4" off the edge of the  circle where it hangs over the A-pillar so it looks more flush. I didn't want to do anything very invasive since I don't plan on adding any other gauges. The only problem is that the 2-sided tape provided doesn't stick to that textured surface very well... it falls off. I will have to try another tape.


Here is a video of it in action:





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