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L24 vs L28 crank pulley

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Need a quick brain refresh on this. Hectic day so don't have time to research.


L24 crank pulleys and L28 crank pulleys have their respective TDC marks in different locations correct? As I recall the L24  Ignition timing tab was on the drivers side ( Distributor ) side. L28 has timing tab or Arrow on Passenger side. Alternator side correct? ( Because of AC on 280Z and ZX. )


Person has put a L24 crank pulley on an L28. Timing Tab is just an arrow mounted on Passenger ( alternator ) side. That would put the timing marks out around 120 degrees? Correct?

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I have a feeling it's more dependent on whether the car was AC-equipped and possibly other factors, probably not just cut-and-dry 240Z vs. 280Z.


The answer is yes, some have it on the driver's side and others on the passenger's. And they're somewhere around 120 degrees apart. To be confident of the timing marks, either find TDC and point the pointer at zero or get the proper timing indicator plate.

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