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I have a 78 with triple webers, header, MSA stage III cam, flat top pistons and would like to know what kind of horse power could I still get from putting a turbo on my car. I run premium gas with about 10.2 to 1 compression now. I know im towards the top with the compression now and want to run pump gas.

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You'll never be able to run pump gas with a Turbo and that high of a compression. At least.. not for very long. 


You may be better off selling that engine and starting all over with a dedicated Turbo build. The Flat Tops cat pistons are a weak point. The Turbo pistons are not only dished but they have much stronger ring lands and thinner rings. Cast Flat Tops,  High CR, no knock sensors  and Pump Gas is a recipe for disaster. Just not worth it IMHO. 


That  Camshaft is all wrong for a Turbo car as well,  and it would be really hard to Turbo the Triple Webers. You are much better off going EFI with ITB's or a Plenum manifold with a 60mm to 70mm TB. 



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Chickenman nailed it.  You pretty much have to start over.  These old engines are prone to knock especially in cylinders 5&6.  Modifying the head with a coolant bypass (as discussed in one of the L6 stickies) may help a little but with pump gas I bet it still knocks like crazy with any kind of real boost.  If you end up starting over, I would start with a decent running NA engine.  Once you get it set up and running good, then spend the money on a fancy turbo build.  That way if the blow up the NA engine, there is less money lost. 


Oh, and by the way triple weber setups are cool!  Alas, more power is addictive and I get it.  I caught the bug back in 2008.  But unless you're racing, a finely tuned NA L6 is more fun to drive on the street IMHO.  A lot of the power my car produces just ends up going up  in (tire) smoke.  


That's my $0.02.   Good luck.

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