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ZX Weatherstripping Supplier Found

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I was referred to a company in Fullerton CA who might have weather strips for early ZX cars. I talked with the owner, Randy, who was very aware of the demand for these seals. He has some listed on his site but doesn't have seals for the doors. However, he has invested in the process of making a complete line for these cars and plans to be able to offer them for sale by the end of this year. This doesn't help me at present to keep the water out of my 79 but at least, their is light at the end of the tunnel. Making the tooling for these seals is a very expensive process. I'm told many thousand dollars need to be handed over so I hope the members here can support his efforts when no other company will do so. I will stay in touch with Randy and post any updates.  

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I will certainly be keeping my eye open for this moving forward. .my 83 zx t-top car will be in need of door and t-top weather stripping...thank you for the research and update....maybe if all us s130 guys make phone calls, things will make progress.  I know I've made numerous calls myself

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