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WTB koni coilovers or lowering springs


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You may want to expand your search to get more results.  I honestly haven't seen Koni springs available for quite a while, and I've never seen a Koni "coilover set" for the Z....are you sure that's what you're looking for?  Koni obviously makes nice shocks (i.e. strut inserts) for both stock and stiffer spring rates, and those can be readily found from a variety of sources.  Unfortunately, it's not common to find these used (at least the Yellows)....once people get a set, they tend to keep them.


Several popular coilover kits available these days for S30's, including BC Racing and TechnoToyTuning, among others.  You can also part together your own coilovers, using generic sleeves and springs and shocks of your own choosing.


Finally, if you're just looking to lower your car and get a little more suspension performance without the expense and time of coilovers, check out Vogtland/Stagg springs and shocks.  Eibach also makes lowering springs for the stock struts, as well as Tokico (if you can find a set).


Hope this helps.



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Thanks @jhm. I was hoping to see if someone had regular lowering springs, I see VOGTLAND on eBay but I am not sure of their reputation.  On the other end I was also looking for a complete koni strut set already installed in the housing, maybe someone who was racing their Z and is parting out or something like that. 


If I can't get them used I may have to built my own suspension with Koni's and GC spring set. 


Rather not use BC or Stance. 

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Gotcha.  I saw some Tokico red springs on FB -- they may still be available.  Here's a link:  https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=tokico red springs.  If the link doesn't work, they were posted by William Fritts on "240Z 260Z 280Z lovers".


I've personally not used the Vogtland's yet, but everyone I know that has them has favorable comments.  Can't beat the price.


BC now offers Swift springs, so that may change your mind on them.  I understand your wanting to stay away from Stance.


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with BC the damping quality isnt as good as Koni or Bilstein. I did see a shop convert a BC coilover with Bilstein piston, but wants  over $1700.


I might go Vogtland and call it a day. The PO changed the shocks, I am guessing they are Monroe's. Once they blow i'll do the koni conversion.

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