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240z RB26 Track Spec Build

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After finally taking delivery of my 1972 240z from America, it's now appropriate to start a build thread!


After being contacted by a fellow forum member with an unfinished project on his hands, money was sent over the interwebs and a few months later, the car arrived in the UK ready for collection. The car was a half finished RB26 swapped top end track car. It stood with the long block sat in the car, and a full Arizona Z Car track package installed. The underside of the car had been shotblasted & a half cage welded in. Most Z parts were included, however would need restoring/replacnig and generally rebuilding.


The car from the seller






Unknowing what to expect, we turned up with a trailer and loaded her on.




The car was pretty much as expected, other than the weather had taken its toll and unforunately most untreated surfaces had succumed to quite a bit of surface rust. It looked a bit sorry for itself, but a quick test with some scotchbright does indicate its very light surface rust only and should come off without too much effort. There was also no steering rack connected which made loading the interesting!


The bonnet (hood), windscreen (windshield) and boot lid (trunk/tail gate?) were all strapped down with duct tape which we didn't trust to hold on the motorway. This was not your knock-off chinese crap, obviously soviet-spec adhesives were used in this stuff as it kindly ripped off a majority of the paint when removed!




Tucked up in the garage after a long day




The intent for this car will be a track/race orientated build whilst retaining road legal status. Wish me luck :)

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Got the car home and managed to do a few bits on it. Removed both wings & fitted the steering rack (was in the footwell :confused:), emptied all the spares etc from the car etc.


Unfortunately the weather over the pond was not kind. The unprotected areas of the car (almost all of it from sandblasting) has resulted in some rather nasty looking surface rust all over.


Job #1 will be to wire wheel/scotchbrite all the rust away, treat any heavier rust with a converter and use a Zinc based primer all over to protect the metal from any further corrosion. The underside will eventually be treated to an epoxy based paint, stone chip & wax protection.


Few pics of the affected areas








Always end on a high though - the goodies!



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It's already been blasted. Nearly all of the rust is very minimal surface rust and blasting it would just be way too exessive - it can be removed with a few passes of red scotchbrite. Given the condition it was in just a few months ago, I don't think there will be too much work to get it sanded back, even by hand, but watch in a few weeks time when I'm complaining that you were right and I was wrong!

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Well make sure you get every single last minuscule grain of rust or you will find it reappearing after only a couple of years, then you have to do a lot of hard work all over again. Thats why I like blasting, I get it cleaned and in primer within a day of being blasted maximum.

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