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Extra holes in door for speakers

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Hey guys,


I think the previous owner drilled extra holes in my doors to route wires for speakers. I'm trying to figure out which holes are supposed to be there and which are not. This is on a 1972 240z. Does anyone have an idea or maybe a picture of this side (door hinge side) of their 240z doors?




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2 minutes ago, grannyknot said:

Once the door is mounted on the car there aint no taking pictures, no room. But I just felt both D/S and P/S doors on my 72 Z and both of those holes that you have arrows to were added by some PO

Interesting. I think the hole on the left he used for speaker wire. It's also on the other door. But the hole on the right I have no idea. I'm getting ready to epoxy prime these and then weld up the PO holes. Didn't want to weld up anything I needed. Thanks for looking at yours.

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