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steering column cover clam shell 280z

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I saw the part you need listed today at  maseraticompound .com.  Strange name for a company that has so many parts for our cars.  Each part is cleaned and inspected before being pictured on their website and they are really good about shipping your purchased fast.  They even have, obscure parts like rollers and stops for side windows, etc. I have bought items from them a number of times and they are very good to deal with So if you are in need of a Datsun left handed widget for a sky hook, they probable will have it in stock at a reasonable price. 

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Remember the biggest difference in 240 vs 260/280 column covers is the "angled up" right side stalk on the 260/280. This makes the opening for that stalk in the cover different. (More hole in the top half). You can trim the opening larger to fit if you use a 240 on a later column. The 77-78 covers are much larger and wider than earlier ones, and aren't really backward compatible.


Another potential entry in the "One of these things is not like the other" thread I keep meaning to start.

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