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82-83 Turbo ECU/ECM

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16 hours ago, stprasinz said:

Why not upgrade to a z31 turbo ecu? Pretty straight forward... 


easiest way, 

ecu, harness, and afm

then it’s just a matter of some splicing of the wires. You get a majorly updated ecu then. Making you more power in stock form. 

Are you selling a z31 setup? 

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That’s assuming you are already running the turbo distributor for 82-83.... I have one, or could I should say... 87 turboecu harness afm. 275or with a nistune ecu, harness and afm 550

ps you would need a cas wheel from a vg30e(t) also to put into the stock dizzy


if your not running the distributor, I have one for an 82-83 turbo, with an oil pump shaft for it, for another 200, and can include the cas wheel for a vg30...

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