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Rust in spare wheel carrier


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EF64E10E-B32E-4E54-8301-E36C4CBA76D5.jpeg.5f770b0d13cb01e370327ad1936ad905.jpegE2C11120-B057-471C-97C5-60331AEA5C0B.jpeg.106cbb76143c9932b918b4cea883da9b.jpeg9A78A770-CE03-4BCD-8813-3D020379F71B.jpeg.a695a3b9c3ceb77a69c49bccc696e6df.jpegHey guys I recently bought a Honda Civic 2006 the car is an alright car for what I paid but iv run into a bit of rust in the boot of the car where the spare sits... it looks like water has been down there for ages and I’m wondering what the best thing would be to do to fix it.. I attacked it with a metal wire brush but it seems to be too deep and don’t want to risk putting holes in it. What’s the best option for fixing it here? I’m open to rust converter, bondo ect I’m just wondering what would be the best way to go about it. 

Thanks in advance :)

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Personally I'd treat the thing with some phosphoric acid rust converter (the usual stuff, ospho, naval jelly, rustoleum makes one, etc.) and then cover it in primer once it's neutralized. Then I'd ignore it, because it's in the spare tire well.


Also, find and fix whatever leak let water get in in the first place.

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You need a HD wire wheel on a power drill or angle grinder, get it down to as much bare metal as possible, clean that all off and hit it with some 80 grit sand paper and work it to remove as much as possible then clean again.  Coat the area with some self etching primer, then a top coat of paint.  I assume you are going to run the car into the ground so that repair should last the rest of its life.

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