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Finally: Full Restomod

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Welp, I have hit a slight snag in the project. I fabricated the transmission crossmember and bolted that in. Everything is mounted up currently. I started running electrical stuff, fitting the harness, upper intake etc.


My snag is when I tried to mount the upper intake, the rear bolt hole is hitting the hood latch at the firewall with almost an inch left to go  on it. Also - This is a 2nd generation explorer motor with a taller, higher performance intake. The upper intake is a bit taller than the older EFI intakes and looks like it wont clear the hood. I will likely have to cowl the hood to an extent.


I am now debating how to go about fixing all this and I am seeing a few different options.


Option 1: I can cut off the hood release and mount the hood using hood pins. I will also need to cut and cowl the hood with a very mild cowl induction lift, maybe 1 or 2 inches.


Option 2: I can shift the entire assembly forward an inch or two. This will require the most work, cutting up my engine cradle, redrilling all the mounting holes on the cradle and transmission cross member, find a shallow oil pan since my pan is about half an inch from the steering cross member, new oil pickup, etc. I *COULD* notch out the steering cross member to fit the pan since it no longer needs to carry the motor.


Option 3: I could machine the intake about an inch shorter. I dont know if this will work since it floats over the valve covers and fuel lines and it will likely bottom out on something.



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