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01 5.0 EFI swap


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I was wondering if anyone has done a 5.0 swap and used the factory Ford EFI system to run the engine. I have a 5.0 out of an 01 mountaineer with the updated OBD2 EFI system. I have all of the electrical out of the donor vehicle, all harnesses, passive anti theft, airbags, literally everything. I would like to use the EFI system but I expect to have issues with anti theft and/or interlock from not having the automatic transmission anymore.


I have read a bit on the Moates Quarterhorse chip and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it or another method of getting around the lack of an AT.

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There would be a couple different ways to get around this issue.

1. SCT tuner get the PATS and what you need deleted and upload the tune to the computer. ( Best to do this with the donar car before the engine is pulled to prove it will work, just in case you dont get around to wiring the OBD2 port right away)

2. Trick the ECU so that the auto trans thinks it's in park or neutral so it will start, enough though you have a manual trans. But that will require hiding the extra wiring.

3. Find a manual ECU to swap in.

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