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Need wiring help - 2JZ GTE direct ignition coil packs on GE

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Hello everyone!


I'm getting to the point in my build where i'm mocking stuff up to begin wiring. I have a 2JZ-GE non VVT-i from a 1996 Lexus SC300. The plan for the motor is to use a plug n play adapter for an AEM V2 ECU part number: 30-6101. In doing this, I will be retaining most of the stock SC300 engine harness. 


I plan on replacing the distributor with 2JZ GTE direct ignition coil packs. However there isn't much info that I personally could find on this swap, all I could find was people swapping over VVT-i GE wasted spark coil packs. Has anyone done this swap? I understand that I can plug the coil packs directly into the AEM ecu but what igniter do I use?


My main questions:

- Can I use my stock SC300 igniter or do I have to get a 2JZ GTE igniter?

- If I have to use a GTE igniter does it plug into the stock harness or do I have to make changes to the harness?

- Would it be easier for me to scrap my GTE coil packs and use the VVT-i GE wasted spark coil packs?

- Are there downsides for using the VVT-i coil packs over the GTE coil packs?


Any help would be appreciated


- Mike



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might be different for the 2jz but on my 1jz I still had my soarer igniter when I swapped coils. Everything worked well while I had the stock ECU. Everything remained the same once I swapped out the ecu for an AEM infinity.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge is able to chime in.

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