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L-series parallel electric hybrid maybe?


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Been trying to look around and havent found much....has anyone tried turning their z into a hybrid?  (figured this was the right place for ittaking a class on electric vehicles thouht the possibility was intesting.... you have enough space where the starter is to design something that could add some power directly to the flywheel... with capacitors and a regen system could be fairly light and good fun. 


looking to see if anyone has done something like this for the L-series or similar engine and car thank you!

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Hybrids have almost always been a stop-gap while the battery industry invents the battery/charge infrastructure that it needs.


The only benefit hybrids have at this point is slightly cheaper cost, and the ability to travel many hundreds of miles in a single day. Unless you're making a semi-truck that needs all that range and carrying all the batteries for it would be insane/expensive, I don't see the point in going hybrid.


If you're going to put all the work of getting an electric motor to run in your car, you'll want to just axe the ICE engine all together.


However, if you're going to look further into this, know that you're about on the same page as where current OEM's are right now in terms of technology.


You're discussing making a P2 position hybrid. Would you like to know more?






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there are a bunch of different ways to do a parallel hybrid system but honestly the starter motor on the 240z is super old ive seen motors that size these days be able to put 20-30hp + out. If using capacitors for quick burts then your power pack can be fairly light and you can get a good advantage on power to weight also while increasing overall efficiency


would need:

the motor 

some inverter / ac/dc dc/dc or whatever converters are needed based off your power source, regen, and your motor

energy storage

batery/cap management

potentially some sensors and other stuff to make sure everything plays nice

if its capacitors might not even need a charging circuit.


think the hardest part right now would be making sure it all plays nice and maybe making a clutch for it, these days you can find motors that can operate in so many different conditions, if the right one is found and an adapter and potentially a clutch and a grear box might need to be made....


vonnen does a cool kit for porsches where they pretty much integrate everything into the bell housing. this would be a way cooler peice of kit, but could cost quite a bit more and be more complicated to develope. 

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