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Safe Street Harness

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I had one in my old Subaru autox car. They work alright, and are the ONLY viable option if you are really set on a 4 point harness. I found that unless you get the lap belts really tight, they will ride up when you tighten the shoulder straps. 


I only used mine to help hold me in the car while racing, otherwise they sat in the back. Knowing that these are a compromise of safety, I would question why you wanted to add them. Do you have race seats as well, or factory seats?

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The issues of safety in a car as it relates to seats and belts/harnesses really needs to be approached with some thought and common sense.  If you just buy/bolt on hardware without thinking it all through it is very easy to have a net decrease in crash safety.


Aftermarket/racing harnesses will only provide a safety increase if they are installed properly and in concert with other hardware in the car.  Since there are so many variables, I think you just have to consider what you are trying to accomplish in your specific application and what you have to do to make it work safely.  I have found the standard canned internet responses of "never use a harness in a street car"....."stock seatbelts are safer in a rollover"...."a harness will kill you without a full six-point cage and a helmet" while they have shreds of truth, are overly broad to be very useful.


I guess I am just saying:  Think about what you are doing.


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