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Help pricing Mikunis 40's

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The intake was not cut, it was made this way. I have seen 1 other set like them but can't find any info about them. There is no name or numbers on them. I know about the S5 type. I'm not sure I'd agree about half the value of 44's but a little less maybe. These will need the linkage arms replaced to run like the sets I've had in the past and wolf creek can get all that. Wish I had kept the last set of had on my 73. It's funny to see guys all about 44's and then they are using 32-36mm chokes inside them. Those sizes are available for the 40's too. Most engines with 44's would run the same or better with 40's if they aren't built up. In any case I'm not sure what they are worth. I see some wild prices out there that I wouldn't pay and I'm not out to gouge anyone. These will also need rebuild kits and maybe jetting. They came from Greece!

    I also am not sure about the other stuff I've I have. I have some black pearl wheels without caps that I'd be happy to get 200 for. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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The fittings on the top are from a Toyota. I’m guessing they are originally toyota carbs. 

40s are a great carb for even a fairly built 2.8L. But they aren’t as easy to sell, no clue why. I have sold 28 mikuni’s in the last few years. All but one set were 44s. 

I don’t know if I agree on the intake or not. But maybe I’m wrong. 

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