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Daytona kit car

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What's this thing worth? 81 280zx with a daytona kit. Was a turbo car. It can go with no motor but with a 5 speed, no motor or trans ready for an LS or I can put an NA motor from a 76 280 in it. The interior will need to be redone as the car sat in the AZ sun. Has what looks like 3 piece wheels. There are a few cracks but all small. Any thoughts will be helpful guys. Thanks.



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Unfinished kit/project cars are never worth what the seller thinks they're worth, and they're even further from what the seller usually has put into the project themselves.  "What's it worth?" is kind of a tough question to answer; but I would be surprised if that car ultimately sells for more than a few thousand.  Most of the time, it seems like the seller puts an unrealistic price tag up, and the thing just sits for years....continuing to deteriorate.  You'll have to decide for yourself how bad you want it; but I would look hard at the condition of the metal shell (as an AZ car, it's hopefully pretty solid and rust free) and the condition of the fiberglass and install work accomplished thus far.  Some good questions to ask of the seller are who made the body kit, who did the install work, and how long ago was it?  You will also want to see what chassic bracing was accomplished to compensate for the loss of the roof structure (particularly if you're considering putting in a V8 or some other high output power plant).  If the seller can't adequately address all those questions, the price automatically goes down.


McBurnie was a popular producer of the convertible Daytona kits years ago; but they were often for early Corvettes, which was a much better platform for this body style IMHO....I don't recall if McBurnie made Daytona kits for the S130. 


As one final thought, anyone that thought that rear "wing" was a good addition to the kit may have some serious judgement issues, which hopefully didn't carry through the rest of the installation work.  That thing looks ridiculous (just my personal opinion.)

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Are you buying or selling?  That car is what Bring a Trailer used to be all about, I think.  I'd get as much information together as you can and post it there.




And there is some stuff out there, findable with the Google machine.





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