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I have a lot of random brackets, fittings, nuts and bolts that have varying amounts of RTV pretty well stuck to them. Alot of these items are complex shapes so I can't simply skim them with a razor. Others I'd prefer not to wire wheel as to preserve surface finish. 


I've tried soaking and scrubbing with goo gone, acetone, denatured alcohol, brake parts cleaner with varying degrees of success and a lot of elbow grease. 


Any suggestions on the best way to remove rtv? After some research I was thinking some sealed glassware containers and gasoline to soak but I figured I'd solicit some opinions before giving that a shot. 



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Thanks grannyknot good direction. I visited 5 parts stores in my neighborhood and none of them had that or even carried it. I was honestly surprised and fortunate I have so many suppliers within a couple mi radius but have no idea why nobody carries this, maybe it's a CA thing. I'll try to order online but otherwise I'll try ball jars of gasoline or maybe the new reformulated aircraft stripper since I have a lot of odds and ends to prep. 

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Yup. Man I wish we still had those crazy chemicals from back in the day. When I worked at a shop more than a decade ago I remember we had some insane gasket remover we got from a truck/parts guy that literally dissolved everything. Awesome for headgasket prep and removing rtv. It's long gone though. Oh well, probaby better for the future. 

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On 7/10/2021 at 5:27 AM, grannyknot said:

I've always just used a razor blade dental picks but Permatex also makes this stuff, https://www.permatex.com/products/gasketing/gasket-removers/permatex-rtv-silicone-dissolver/

I have to admit, I buy it by the case, and smuggle it in across the CA border (same like buying some of those engine powered devices from Harbor Freight 'not available in CA'...but they sure ship to Phoenix!) See if you can find it on Amazon and get it shipped... Grainger won't so don't try there.

The key is the methylene chloride content, that makes RTV lift and pucker like crazy. We use RTV on large gearboxes and yeah.... you can scrape it with a razor, but when the flange is 4 to 6" wide, and about 20 linear feet.... I get the spray-on gasket remover and spraying that stuff on it and just wiping it off after it sits for a while leaving a clean residue-free surface really has appeal.

See if you can find Loctite Chisel Gasket Remover. Just mask well because it takes EVERYTHING off if you let it sit long enough! 


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