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240z inner window felt seals

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I am looking for a suitable replacement for the inner door window felt trim. The one with the chrome backing that is stapled to the door card for the inside of the window. What are people using when this needs to be replaced?

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On 4/10/2022 at 7:31 AM, turbo240 said:

The first place I looked. Maybe they used to or I'm completely blind.



I Had issues until I changed my search terms :) Oldchool guys call these "window fuzzies" hah! 


Last one - you trim to fit with a angle grinder. use your old one for angle to be cut. Then use the smallest black pop rivets you can find. The staples are a PITA without the right tool and come loose if done by hand

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I bought the stuff below and after cutting my stuff apart from the rubber (it practically fell off) I glued it on with a plastic epoxy. It is thin enough I was able to glue two side by side to ensure there was a very tight seal.


Sourcingmap Window Weather Seal Strip 0.22 Inch Width x 1/4-Inch Thick x 19.7 Feet Length https://a.co/d/9lcueRx

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