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72 240Z, Eibach springs, 14x9 Riverge wheels with 235/60R14 tires, should fit

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I ordered some Riverge style wheels, 14X9 with -13 offset.  It looks like the tires need to be a minimum of 235, and the sizing I am finding is 235/60R14.  By going to the "willtheyfit" website, and my calculations, it looks they will JUST clear.......and I am hoping no rub at full lock.


do any of you have experience with this setup?  If so, what kinds of issues may I run into?


I will be putting my ZG style flares on afterward.


Thanks in advance.


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I don't have experience with those wheels specifically, but 225 tires are super common on 15x9 wheels for racecars. The tires we ran were 225/45r15, so yours will have a lot more sidewall and thus less stretch than a lot of people race on. I think you'd be fine if you wanted to go a little narrower for more clearance. It looks like the selection for tires to go on 14" wheels is pretty slim these days, though. 

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FWIW, I used to run a set a wheels that were 14x8, et0 with 225/60 front and 235/60 rear with stock-configuration suspension (Tokico lowering springs on stock strut housings) and custom steel flares.  Did not have rubbing issues on the inner side, so I suspect your wheels with -13 offset should be ok in that regard.  I think the biggest potential issues you might run into in the future (besides the obvious issue of performance tire availability) is the limitation of options on upgraded running hardware (e.g. brake upgrades, adjustable tie rod ends, adjustable LCAs, bump steer spacers, etc.) 


If any of those upgrades are on the horizon for you, trying to fit any of that stuff in a wide 14" wheel will not be easy, if not downright impossible.


Nice-looking wheels, BTW!!  👍👍

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