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Whitehead big brake kit

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I purchased the whitehead performance brake kit and I am having trouble installing it. I believe the shop emulated the arizona z kit, bit I'm not sure. Whitehead closed their doors and I need to get my car together to move. Can someone take a look at my pictures and see if I'm doing something wrong. Could someone please post some pictures of the caliper mount on the Arizona z car big brake kit. 


Thank you








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Seems like you're solving the puzzle. 


Not sure what the big silver torpedo shape is at the hose fitting but it looks like your bleed screw is on the bottom.  Better swap the calipers before trying to bleed.  Bleed screw on top.  Where the air bubble will be.  Good luck.


Whitehead just seems to be living off of their old reputation.  I wonder if the original owners are even involved today.  Maybe they'll survive, who knows.

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These calipers have bleed screws at both ends for easing mounting. 

I had a lot of positive interactions with whitehead in the past. I'm hoping they will help with this situation.


I don't love the idea of the spacers. My mechanic friend is worried about leverage on the bolt, as the spacers are not threaded. I was thinking of using arp bolts for somthing stronger. Has anyone heard of bolts breaking due to spacers?





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Agree that it's not an ideal solution; and yes, definitely use grade 8 or better hardware.  You can also choose your mounting bolts to ensure maximum length of the unthreaded shank, which will minimize the length of the threaded portion....just make sure you carefully measure the total length of the spacer + caliper mounting tab.  And ensure that the hole in your spacer closely matches the OD of your bolt's unthreaded shank.  This should give you overall strongest mounting solution.


Other vendors offer big brake mounting brackets which have been machined in two planes to overcome the offset issue you're dealing with.  Attached photo from T3 is an example of what I'm talking about.  Silvermine Motors used to offer individual big brake kit components for sale....if they're still producing those brackets, that's another option you could consider if your current solution doesn't work out.  The owner, Edan, is pretty responsive to technical questions IME.




Don't give up...this kit can definitely be made to operate correctly and safely!  :-)



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