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280z speaker options- storage compartments, rear hatch, etc

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I am looking to add speakers to my 1976 280z.  Just looking for decent sound, nothing special. Not looking to put speakers in the doors or kick panels.   Also putting an enclosure in the hatch area also out as I don't like that option either for the aesthetics and loss of hatch space.


I have found the following options:


1) Factory location: 5 1/4 speakers that mount in the rear quarter panel area



Pros: no modifications needed.  

Cons: I've read that the sound is terrible.  Need to acquire/fabricate brackets



2) speaker adapter kit to mount on rear plastic trim that covers tail lights



Pros: super easy, cheap

Cons: unknown speaker size, sound quality.  Mounting to the plastic trim piece probably doesn't yield good sound output.  I haven't called this company yet.  https://zparts.com/index.php/product-category/280z-parts/interior-280z-parts/


3) mount speakers in storage compartments



Pros: not much fabrication?? Large speakers(6x9?).  Quality sound?

Cons: lose storage space



I think the storage compartment looks like the best option.  Has anyone this and can comment?  What about the other options?




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An enclosure for two 6x9 speakers that replaces the taillight cover panel like the one MSA sells is about the best sounding option without extensive work.


Think about a modern coupe or sedan you've been in. It almost always has speakers behind the rear seats pointed up towards the glass. It's a more than good enough situation for the majority of uses. Stock location points the speakers right at each other and doesn't have ideal acoustics. Speakers on the storage compartment is also okay, but realistically, you're pointing them straight up instead of slightly towards you and they're taking up as much or more storage space than a panel that replaces the taillight cover.


Those rear speaker adapters aren't a bad option if you don't care that much about loud audio and just want something since they likely won't fit something as big as a 6x9. That said, they're probably a better option than the stock location since they're about as discreet and will probably fit close to the same size speaker, but are at least aimed better.


Adding front speakers is the bigger hang-up since space is at a premium. Do you care about front audio, or do you just want some tunes in the car?

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On 12/3/2022 at 2:34 PM, heyitsrama said:


Wanted to buy this but need to relocate my MS3x first. It's in the stock ecu location but much fatter, so these wouldn't work until then :( 


On 12/3/2022 at 8:57 PM, fusion said:

Thanks guys.  I don't need audiophile sound but don't want it to be terrible either.


Just rear 6x9 speakers in a replacement taillight panel cover like the one MSA sells is your best bet then if you want something easy. You can always wire for front speakers and figure out what you want to do with those later.

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