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Front brakes with Watanabe wheels: What are you running?

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Trying to get a sense of what everyone is running with their Watanabe type R wheels. My wheels just showed up, I wasn't expecting them until August so I'm not prepared to change my front brakes. I have the S12 setup currently and those don't work, and I'm not using spacers.


With that, what front brakes are everyone using with their wats? 

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On 4/20/2023 at 11:18 AM, DuffyMahoney said:

Zcar garage brakes, spendy but very nice and compact. 

Nice option for sure, thanks for sharing. I'm going to try the T3 micro bb kit. They are supposed to work with as low 14" r type (I have 16") but it's the caliper clearance that's the issue at the hub, not diameter. Has a 274mm rotors, current rotors are 289mm. I'm not going to miss 6% less surface area. I drive it hard but for short durations and could probably make up any difference with better pads.



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@Tank did you ever get the T3 micro kit on? I'm curious how the clearances look. 


On the large t3 BBK the largest issue I found running small 15" wheels and lower clearance barrels like the R types was the calipers depth in relation to the rotor top hats. Wheels like the 15" Rota RKRs with good inner barrel clearance fit fine even with the large t3 BBK front and rear with the ebrake.


The ZCG stoptech kit I thought was better all around in terms of size and packaging but it's a long wait for the kits. 






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@Dat73z Sure did, the wheels fit with the T3 Micro BB Kit, no issues. Super tight right at the hub, but clears. 

Keep in mind these are 16x8. So barrel clearance was never in question for me. I too had rota rbr and those have great clearances. 


I suggest downloading the T3 template from their website. I did that, cut it out of cardboard, and test fit it to the wheel.










The last picture looks a bit closer that it actually is due to the angle of the phone.



The issue I had is with the kit itself. The brackets place the caliper out just a touch too far to account for rotor runout. Tolerances are that tight. I ended up filing the calipers for clearance of the rotor. If the caliper was exactly centered on the rotor, this probably wouldn't be an issue.


Below you can see where the rotor contacted the caliper.  I believe the rotors are for a 300zx, they seem to be the same as the rotors I had.






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Thanks @Tank. That is what I suspected for the t3 micro bbk where the calipers sit proud of the hub/wheel mounting surface. It is more pronounced on the t3 large BBK which I just pulled off my car and sold. The ZCG Stoptech setup has the calipers basically flush with the hub. 

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