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BOV Recirculation vs. Venting

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NOTHING I have done to the car thus far has been more satisfying than the HKS ssqv. :D

Face the truth? The truth is that ive been venting to the atmosphere for about a year now on eccs, both maf and afm, and I had it recirulated before that and I notice nothing in performance. I couldnt tell you how much performance I gained since when I put the bov on I also doubled the boost :D I dont get a black cloud behind me but sometimes I do get a fireball :D Im sure I do go rich for a split second, but I dont bog out and the turbo spools boost just as hard as before, except now the turbos bigger and I run more BOOST :D


Its priceless to see the look on anyones face when a 70s sports car hits the WHOOSH factor hard on em! Rice rockets couldnt get me with my 327z, this Z puts the 327 to shame, hate to say it.


My old recirc valve is in another guys Z car now, and he can have it- Afshin....

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:twisted::twisted::twisted: YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT OPEN TO THE ATMOSPHERE. :twisted::twisted::twisted:


you just cant do it any other way. NOTHING beats the whooooosh noise and the "what was that????" from passengers.


You guys are talking about reponse here. And im sorry but i really have never seen a BOV on a race car that is recirculating. And if it was that much better they would have a recirc one. Id say that if you're running the stock EMS then recirc is the way to go to prevent richness' date=' but I really cant see how recirc could possibly be better. Hot air before the turbo seems bad to me.


Also is you have a BOV which is open during cruising, isnt that just a big leak since it is going back in before the turbo. Seems like it would take longer to spool.


Just me I really dunno... lemme find my corky book.. I'll be back




I think you missed technicalninja's explanation that the air after the turbo cools back down when it is uncompressed, and the lower pressure ratio when recirculated helps the spool time.


Race cars are another matter altogether - since they typically run all out, drivability and spool time generally is not as important as simplicity. I'd be willing to bet the EFI is not MAF based but MAP.

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Thank you this is a very helpful thread. technicalninja great explanation, helped me make my desision! If I was dd my 280zx then i would go recirc for the off boost pluses, however since I have a commuter.... I like to play when I drive my toy, that means I am on boost more so I'll enjoy a little noise!:) 

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