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Question: JWT 420cc Ford Cobra MAF setup

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I have this setup on my 280ZXT and the MAF sensor appears to be going bad. When going into boost, part throttle (I cound not run the engine full throttle), AFR would climb to 17:1 (using wide band sensor). I checked the voltage signal from the MAF sensor to the ECU and it would sometimes reach 4v, other times only ablut 2.5v, and twice the signal momentarily cut out. The problem has progressively gotten worse.

So here's the question: I don't want to spend $350+ on a new 93 Ford Cobra MAF sensor, so I called JWT and asked a simple question. Since my setup uses the stock MAF sensor from a 93 Ford Cobra, cound I use one of the many aftermarket MAF sensors calibrated for a stock 93 Ford Cobra? The answer I was given was to stick to the MAF sensor that was designed and tested for my setup, the aftermarket sensors have not been tested to see what kind of signal they would provide the Nissan ECU.

I know that JWT sells this sensor for other upgraded ECU setups as well (240SX, 280ZXT, 300ZX (Z31), ALTIMA, G20, I30, SENTRA, SENTRA GTIR), so, I understand that they have not tested any other sensors with their setups, but if an aftermanket sensor is a direct replacement for a stock 93 Ford Cobra, why wouldn't it be for me?

And by the way, some of these aftermarket sensors can be picked up for about $160.

Any comments?

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As long as the aftermarket MAF is truly calibrated to the cobra and works well in a cobra, then I can't foresee any reason why it would behave differently with your set up. As you know, all it does is measure the voltage needed to keep the filament at the proper temperature and give out a referenced calibrated voltage, it should be irrelevant if the 3 volt for the appropriate air flow is going to a ford v8, nissan ECU.... As long as the MAF is calibrated the same and works reliably in the cobra, I would certainly buy the cheaper unit. If you already have not, I would double check all the wiring/connectors to the MAF real real carefully. Also if the cover pries off make sure no wires in the MAF have come loose causing the erratic voltage. I don't know al the details for the JWT set up, but is there a provision for the MAF filament clean cycle ?

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I will be double checking the connections again and I was told that the filament may be dirty and could be cleaned with carb cleaner. I will be doing that as well and re-testing the sensor.

It also seems logical to me that if the aftermarket sensor provides the same voltage signal as the factory unit, it should work fine in my car.

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Guest bastaad525

Hang around some mustang boards and see if any guys have had good experiences with aftermarket ones.


I'd bet money if some guys have installed one particular brand/model or another, and have had no problems at all running them in their cobras, it should work the same in your Z. To get a Cobra MAF working in a Z at all is a funny thing if you think about it... that someone thought to try this part from this totally different car... just wouldn't make sense at first, but it worked... wouldn't make sense that a replacement for that part would not.

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Did you ever make the switch? I think my maf may be bad also and found a maf for the cobra in a Summit catalog that claims 10-30hp improvement for $250. I was thinking like these other guys that if it works in the cobra it should work for the Z as well. Did you talk to Ben? He seems like a very conservitve guy that does not like to think outside the box. Let me know if you did it and how it works. Thanks Paul

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