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My Dyno results and SDS issues . . .

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Well im a little happy and very frustrated. The car has been running outstanding for the past two days. I put the wideband on it and got it street tuned for 7 psi. The car is unreal how fast it is at 7 psi . . . Anyways the only problem i've had was that every once in a while when i pull up to a stop light the car dies, its cutting ignition somehow. I wait a few seconds and the car will backfire and crank up again. Maybe once or twice aday . . .


So tonight i hit the dyno:


GOOD NEWS:280hp to the wheels at 7psi!! not a hair past 7psi.


BAD NEWS: I have been up for 48 straight hours trying to get this stupid car ready for a road trip to FL and I wasnt as prepared as I should have been. I wasnt really up to speed with my new boost controller so i fell back on a manual i brought along . . . after two manual BC's we could never get it to hold boost . . . it kept creeping. On one run it started to spike past 10 psi and the operator let out but the car had already made 240hp by 4k. So anyways the car has a ton left in it, I just suck at tuning and have no decent boost controller at the moment . . . .


But its just as well because no sooner do i leave the shop then all hell breaks loose. I'm cruising down the street at like 3k rpm and it misfires BAD, backfires and dies. This becomes a repeating process everytime i go over 2k sometimes blowing the 7.5 amp fuse to the coilpacks. Everytime it dies, I can start it back up but some kind of wiring issue/ignition/ground . . . who knows I am so tired . . . I checked fusible links, sds grounds, etc. . .



Anybody want a 280hp turd?


Going to sleep, help me if you can.

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Well, He is running SDS and having the BOV venting to atmosphere really wont matter. I say check and make sure the alt isnt over charging, also make sure all grounds are attached tightly. Go over every wire. There is a problem or a short or something in the wireing. but WOW.. 280rwhp at only 7psi is awesome man!!.. imagine when it is tuned to say 21psi!!!!!!!!! I say get her running perfectly at only 7 psi right now.. get her down to FL and try and tune her for more then. The most importent part is making it reliable for the long journey. Oleh, he is most likely going to AMS, Ivan works there now and was able to squeeze him in.. Good luck Garrett!!

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Well I'm just now waking up . . .


Oleh, you must have someone mixed up. Ivan never worked at sound performance. He works at AMS now but they were not able to get me on the dyno there so i went to SpeedQuest just because they are local and cheap, they just ran the dyno, I did everything else myself . . . although i wish they could have done more.


By the way you'd be surprised what you find hiding in AMS's work bays . . . it aint all DSM's. I just hate the fact that they are handing out 11 sec cars to total goobers every week.


Alright gotta figure this crap out.

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Guest bastaad525

holy crap... 280rwhp at 7psi is frickin AMAZING. See that's the REAL potential of a big fat turbo :D I still dont' get how these guys with T3/04's get only 275rwhp at 12psi or more of boost.


Really sucks about the car having problems I hope you figure it out... So what's your ultimate goal as far as how much boost you're going to run and how much power you're hoping/aiming for??

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ultimate goal id like to see the car make over 400 to the wheels . . . I had one other pull on the dyno with a boost controller hooked up but it started creeping, so the dyno operator let out at 11psi, but it had already made 240hp at 4k rpm! it was a much steeper HP run that the 280hp one, so it was goin well over 300 at only 11psi . . .

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Nice results there mate. I'm going to have to get mine onto a dyno as soon as I've put a decent transmission under it.


WRT your problem, I'm unsure about SDS systems, so lets see if we can't figure out some more stuff:


1. When you say backfire do you mean unburnt fuel in the exhaust? Or do you mean a backfire backfire as in through the intake?


2. If you are sitting there and you rev it up and down a few times (to simulate driving) does it die if you back off?


3. Where is the O2 sensor positioned for tuning? (please assure me thats its a wideband O2 sensor)


4. Have you hooked up a simple knock sensor to see if its pinging?


5. What AFRs are you tuning for under boost?



Possible explanations assuming your wiring is correct.


A. Your tuning is ridiculously rich under boost but you don't notice because it is burning in the exhaust before the O2 sensor (this is obviously more likely if the O2 sensor is in the exhaust tip). I suggest you put the O2 sensor around 30cm (12") from the turbo in the dump pipe. This gives you an accurate reading but still gives the gases a chance to cool and ensures you don't get O2 errors because of a pressurised exhaust charge.


B. Your ignition is not up to the job of sparking the charge on boost. Check your wiring and change all your spark plugs and set the gap to 0.75mm (0.030") just in case. Also look at the plugs and see if any are discoloured? They should all be clean and a very slightly brown colour if things are working correctly.


Actually, now that I remember you said its blowing fuses, forget all that and fix your wiring. :) Oh and I know what you mean about them giddying up on low boost. Even on my stock F54/P90 engine with a GT35R (equivalent to a T61 or thereabouts) 10psi is flying apparently around 270rwhp.


Good luck and keep with it, you know its going to be fun. Oh and lemme know when you munch your first gearbox. :)



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