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Z wiper motor upgrade

Mike kZ

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Guest 73TPIZ

Thanks Mike for the link.


Branden mentions the 96-00 Civic may be the same as the 94-97 Accord. Just so happens i recently bought a '00 Civic to fix my neice's '98 with. I'll have to check it out soon and see if it'll work. My '73 wipers need a helping hand lately to get going so it will be none too soon.


thanks again.

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Just a thought. . .


The wiper pivots get stiff due to the little boots that cover them crack and they get some rust in them.

I bought new pivots and they come with new boots.

I took my old pivots out to replace them but ended up just taking the old ones apart and used some scotch bite pads to clean the shafts, put some light grease on them and put the new boots on.

I never have used the new pivots, the old ones worked great.

The wipers worked much faster than before and I never had any problems since.


Of course if it is your motor that is causing your problem this won’t cure that issue.

Its a couple hours work, it may be worth while to give it a go.

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Anyone done this...


Is it just me or is this "upgrade" just not worth it if the wipers don't return to the "home" position on their own?


I did the Honda Accord wiper motor upgrade ($30.00 on eBay) about 6 months ago, and am very pleased. On high, they make 60 wiper blade cycles per minute (from the down position, all the way across, and back down again). I didn't time them before the upgrade, but I would guess they made about 20 cycles per minute.


As far as not parking themselves, TO ME it's really not that big of a deal (my car isn't a daily driver though). I turn them on low, then turn them off when they're down. It's not hard at all to "catch" them in the park position. I would say....maybe one out of ten times do I miss it on the first try.

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