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  2. Nice find Maybe a ka and driveline out of a 95-98 240sx? It could be an easy fit. I always wanted to put an L20B in a roadster. Never did
  3. Just for reference, My truck does have trim pieces on each side of the windshield. They do nothing to secure the glass; it’s the adhesive securing the glass. The plastic trim pieces just cover the gaps on each side. The front glass and rear hatch rubber moldings on my Z were/are very hard. I removed the chrome trim and sanded them smooth. They actually look nice smoothed out, lost all the bulkiness and smoothed out the lines abit.
  4. Has anyone considered using the black glass adhesive used in late model autos? I had the windshield replaced in my Nissan truck and the adhesive is the only thing keeping the windshield in place. My thought is use enough adhesive to make the windshield and hatch glass smooth and flush with the body. ???
  5. Post big signs at our boarders and let it apply to all who travel through this suck whole state. For the repeat and worst offenders, MAKE IT HURT! I only fear that the funds collected will get sucked up somewhere else and not solve the problems. Did I mention the part about this being a suck whole state?
  6. I will gladly donate additional monies to help cover/offset some of the costs of those that participated in the first round if you want to set that up.
  7. Use a bottle jack and a piece of 4x4 (3 feet or so) in the center of the trans tunnel for support. This way not much will be in your way when you add the rails and you should not get any sag. As stated earlier, if your rockers are in good shape.
  8. I bought some Tokico's for my Nissan truck from this seller, got a good price and fast shipping. No problems with the product.
  9. Wow, its great to see something happening with the car. I hated that it was just sitting.
  10. My question is for anyone using these and running 4+ degrees of positive caster. How much of the adjustment is used up? ie, how much tread is left showing after an adjustment with lots of positive caster.
  11. I was born and raised in Washington with some relatives still around in the surrounding areas. I grew up on my uncle’s farm driving his tractors and spending the summers working in tobacco fields. It was a great place to grow up for a kid! My family probably knows some of your family.
  12. Mark I spent about 25 total hours removing some graphics off an old Nissan parts truck I purchased. I started just using plastic scrapers and a heat gun. I ended up using some Acetone to wipe over the graphics at one end so it had time to dry while I worked the heat gun from the other end. This ended up working well but as I said, still about 25 hours of time. Use your heat gun on a low setting. I found the hotter settings melted the vinyl and just left more goo to come back and clean up.
  13. Most of us have talk Z car aerodynamics to death. Doing the ribbon test on the hood, frontal modifications/improvements as well as what rear spoiler does what for the S30. We have probably searched the web and collected most everything there is out there on Z car aerodynamics. Well, we are now looking at having the biggest and quite possibly the only real opportunity to find out some answers to these questions. I know the holidays are sucking money out of our pockets, but we all can do something to help fund this project. If you cannot send a lump sum, send small amounts several times, you wont even miss and it all adds up. $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, $25.00 . . . send what you can. Buy yourself the best X-mas present ever this year; get yourself the results of the aero testing. You know you want it! You can trust that any monies you send in for this project is in great hands and will go toward the testing and not someone’s beer money. Please do what you can to support this effort!
  14. I have seen Mike’s car and it is a very nice color. The more I looked at it the better it looked. It is going to look very nice finished and cleaned up. Good job Jamie!
  15. Wow, info and great images! That was worth the time to go through all 11 pages. Thanks to all that contributed.
  16. This sticky should be the first thing anyone logging into this site should see!
  17. Amsoil just released a TSB related to the flat tappet/camshaft lube wear issue. Testing done by an independent lab.
  18. Wire for all your overhead lighting first. Put the sheet rock up covering the ceiling. So you dont have to take the lights down latter to do it. Then paint the ceiling and walls white. I read quikly through the thread. Sorry for the repeat. Let me know when you want to do it, I will come up and help.
  19. That is great news Mr. Kelly What a feeling that must be. Wish you and your company all the success you can handle!
  20. WOW cant beat that from a rustoleum can and some elbow grease! Great job Mine will be painted (sprayed) with white rustoleum. It will be a "looks good from 50 feet or 50 mph" car.
  21. Joe, get with Brady for your alignment issues. That toe number seems a bit much even for street duty? They also can corner weight the car to get it set up correctly. He knows Z cars better than anyone around here.
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