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Dealership Steals Car Back


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Aparrently a rookie salesman sold it for 10k less then advertised, all the papers and contracts were signed. When the dealership learned about it they demanded the buyer pay the extra 10k if he wanted to keep the truck, he refused and the dealership stole his truck in the middle of the night and put it back up for sale on their lot!



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.... can we say Class Action .......



I agree. They are already in that position. By stealing the truck back, they have gone way too far. The guy has a ligitimate contract signed by both parties. Even if the dealership never handed in the paperwork to the DMV, the guy still has his copy of the contract. Now if they sell the truck as well, they have further compounded their liability---now they have knowingly sold stolen property. Man, this situation keeps getting better and better!



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I had a client that the same thing happened to 8 years ago. He had bought a car, signed the paperwork and they had sold his trade. He had financed the car with them. The financing was supposed to be assigned to Ford who refused to accept the loan. They threatened to report the car stolen. They attempted to trick him into coming in for service so they could steal the car. Finally, I contacted them and thanked them for the loan on his behalf. I explained to him that if he went to jail, he would likely be very rich...well rich when he got out.

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Curiously, as circumstances now appear to stand, if the car's owner is somehow too frightened to sue, or just does not know how to get the process going, he's out of luck. And even if he does sue, after lawyer's fees and the strain of legal proceedings take their toll, perhaps he would end up losing more than what he paid for the car. Gotta love "the system"!

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I find it hard to believe that "Law Enforcement" refuses to become involved. Even if it can't be proven who actually took the car (tow truck driver) the dealership is guilty of receiving stolen property: They signed the papers and took the money, therefore they no longer own the car. Didn't sell it high enough... That sounds like a personal problem.


One kind of law for dealers, another kind for punks who steals cars from them. Are the laws and level of enforcement all that different in Tennessee? Probably not. :icon45:


I'll stop at cynical, and hopefully before before reaching political.




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depending upon who owns the cops and the judges will determine whether the dealership is charged with a crime.


1983, chevy dealership. i traded in corvette on S 10 truck.


2 weeks later, dealership calls me, says bring the truck back to renegotiate the deal. said they gave me too much for the vette and discounted the truck lower than they should have.


told me that i did not bring truck back, they would come get it and make me pay for the tow.


told em truck was a piece of junk, had already been in for warranty work twice in 1st week i had it. give me back all my money and the vette we have a deal.


told me they'd already whole sold at auction the vette.


i told them to go pound sand.


we have a contract, besides i don't own the truck, bank america owns the truck. i won't own it until it's paid off. if you tow the truck, i call the police and contact b of a, advicing them you stole the truck.


they called me 2 or 3 times a day for couple weeks. they never sent bruno to break my legs nor did they tow the truck off.


we are in san jose and dealership was in los gatos.


if we were in some small town they might have gotten away with stealing the truck from me.


an employee, close friend of a friend of mine told me, the owner had dealerships in other places in california and they would go take back cars and get the buyers to come up with more money or sell them a different car.



that truck was right up there with the worst cars i have ever owned. was 2nd brand new GM truck i had bought in 3 years. both trucks were lemons.

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The only thing I see about the truck being taken back the next day is that if I am not mistaken that either party can say they decided not to go through with the deal within the first 72 hours. There is some kind of impulse buy or sell law now. It is supposed to protect people so when they buy something like a new car, based upon the very clever sales tactics, then the buyer figures out they really did not want to buy the car before 72 hours, well legally they can return the car and the dealer has to take it back and they will be forced to take it back.


Dealers try to get around this a lot of times by allowing people to keep the car and try it out over the weekend and when they come back in on Tuesday they only have one choice to finish the paper work since they own the car now. So remember to try out a car you have to fill out all the paper work with the intent to buy the car, which means you are buying the car that day and you will come back and finish the paper work when you get back.


The sales people are becoming more and more a snake in the grass and you really have to watch out for that. Also, don't give them any information about you when you are looking at cars to see what you want. They will enter in your info in the computer, along with whatever you migh have said that they can use against you in negotiations including locking you into the salesman that was the one that just walked over and introduced himself to you. This locks you out of trying to find the hungry salesman that needs to make the sale to keep his job or make his quota.


I have bought several cars and salesman do not like the way I do things because I don't negotiate at all, price is set, payments are set, end of story.


A fun thing to really through a salesman on the defense is to say to them, very loudly so other's can hear, is "Why don't you want to sell me this car, the price is right for both sides, so why don't you want to sell it to me?" They get the gitters and start to freak out and tend to negotiat down some more. It is almost as good as when you go to France and eat in a resturant and say waht kind of crappy bread is this, it seems like old frozen bread you pulled out and heated it in the oven. Just watch how fast you get the most fresh bread they can get you and they will be kissing your butt the rest of the evening making sure the rest of your meal is better than they have ever served.

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