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Is that a after market rear skirt? And what body kits are for sale fot 2+2 vehicles?


If you're referring to Toni L's rear end, the rear pan was cut out, replaced and shaped with new sheet metal.


As for body kits, I have yet to see any that actually enhance the look and lines of the S30.  One exception is adding a new front lower lip or fitting a urethane/fiberglass front bumper.

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I bought a set for my brother's '77 2+2 a few years ago from here: http://www.zcarsource.com/weatherstrip-kit-240z-260z-280z_8_56652.html

Turned out pretty decent


*edit* Just read that the 2+2 weatherstripping is no longer manufactured so they send you coupe stuff with extra pieces to fill in the gaps. Guess I ordered one of the last batches.

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