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Hey 2+2 owners, I was wondering If any 2+2 owners could post pictures of theyre Z. Doesnt matter If its stock or not just wanting to see how restored ones look. I've also noticed that only certain colors make the 2+2 look really good some colors make it look horrible and other look great. I've been trying to look for how paint colors, air dams, bumpers, etc look on 2+2's.


Tried to post pics of my car but wouldnt let me. I'll Try later


Thanks everyone.



Due to this being made a sticky the thread has changed.


The thread has expanded from just pictures of body modifications.


Feel welcome to talk about anything pertaining to 2+2's body, engine, interior and pictures of your 2+2, or just post random things that have nothing to do with 2+2's or even Z's... but lets try to keep it more to the Z car side.

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This 2+2 belongs to a customer of mine... Clint Barnts.


It will soon be wearing a scratchbuilt intake and Wolf EFI system.


P.S. Pay no attention to the obviously fast, rice'd Celebrity in the backround :-)







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Hey Zeeboost, I have to say, don't really like the rear window shade thing but those wheels are mean.


Well these are the photos following my cleaning job, got to tell you i highly recommend claying your car, makes the paint feel like glass (not that you could tell in a photo). I have to learn how to use a camera better, getting the little long exposure things. Ohwell, Enjoy


Hybrid Z logo (forgot to clean license plate, was prety slack with cleaning the front of the car actually)



Bumper overider things on



Bumper overider things off



as above






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My dad's 78 2+2, I drove it for six months. GREAT car, in really good shape, almost like new really. You can see the black ZXT snowflakes that were on my car.



Sorry for the camera phone pics btw


EDIT: this thread makes me want to get back into Z's >_<. Not that I could afford another car right now but still...

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Work in progress, all be it very slow.




Unfortunatly you can see the changes I made to the roof line. I had to replace a the rear of the roof due to rust so I smoothed out the "hocky stick" angle a bit and removed the rain channels. Looks pretty good.



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