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Z32 trans-to-L6 block, Version 2.

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Yes and here they are:


Blue 18 tooth 3.72 diff

White 19 tooth 3.90 diff

Red 20 tooth

Purple 21 tooth

Orange 22 tooth


P/N 32702-F61xx where xx = no. teeth

I may have gotten the last white one.


Are these part numbers for the complete pinion assemblies or just the cogs. I went to the dealer and tried to purchase a 32702-02G17 pinion assembly and a 32702-F6118 (for a 3.7 diff) and they quoted me around $40 for each. I knew the 32702-02G17 number was the pinion assembly, but I though the 32702-F6118 was just an 18 tooth cog that I could swap out on the 32702-02G17 pinion assembly. So i'm thinking that the 32702-F6118 is a complete pinion assembly with an 18 tooth cog mounted on it already. dapiper, can you or someone else verify that this is correct so I can order the correct pinion assembly.



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The speedometer pinion needs to have the correct cog/gear that matches the gearing of the differential for the speedometer to read correctly. Take the speedometer pinion assembly out of the transmission and you'll see that it has a colored cog/gear on the end of it. Each color corresponds to a differential ratio as dapiper posted. You can swap out these cogs/gears to match your differential and have your speedometer read correctly.

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