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Z32 trans-to-L6 block, Version 2.

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Hey Guys,


I've been working on my own Z32 adaptor for the past couple weeks and finally got it mounted in the car this weekend. Everything is going very smooth so far.


I work at a Robotics/Industrial Automation place so I have access to some neat tools. I CMM'd both bellhousings, the l28 and z32, to get the bolt pattern in the computer. The CMM that we have is accurate to .0004 in. I was worried that any offset what-so-ever in the input shaft would cause premature wear so this was really the only way to make these adaptors IMO, I know the pattern is perfect.


Once I got the bolt patterns, I drew the adaptor in solid works. Usein the DXF from solidworks one of the machinist here CNC'd a test adaptor from MDF to be sure everything was right.


This past week we made a small run of 4 adaptors out of 6061 aluminum. The final thickness after machining came out to .725. The adaptor is located on the motor just like stock, with the dowel pin and a roll pin on the lower left hand bolt. The tranny is positioned on the adaptor by two roll pins as well.


Everything ended up fitting together perfect, here is a mock up on a test engine:







Big thanks to garret on the detailed writeup for putting the tranny back together haha.


Here is a picture of the required machining on the bellhousing:



Another interesting thing here is the the shifter fork, they are identical between the tranmissions diminsionally, but the Z32 fork is MUCH thicker and beefier. The throwout collar is the same as well; I used my L28 tranny stuff.


Tranny together, that is a ebay shortshifter which can be had for 30-50 bucks. (before shifter relocation which Ill get to in a sec):




Here is the adaptor installed on my motor:



The transmission lined right up, even easier then stock. I have a series one shell so my transmission tunnel is much smaller then a 280z, and boy is it TIGHT. The transmission BARELY fits it is about a .25" away from the top of the tunnel and about the same clearence along the sides at the original mounting location.







One thing I thought might be of interest to alot of yall was the shifter location. There was talk on Garrett's thread about using a z31 shifter or a shorter transmission. In my opinion this is not possible, it would locate the shifter too far forward, you would be better off having it farther back then slamming you hand into the dash for each shift.


I came up with a solution which allows the shifter to come through the stock shifter hole and use the stock console. It does require some welding and fabrication but is not very difficult, just takes a couple hours.


The remote shifter on the Z32 has a 2.3" long extension between the "u-joint" and the shifter shackle, I cut this piece out and welded the two shackles together. this moves the shifter location up by 2.3 inches which makes it fit perfect. I had to make a new shifter bracket for to hold the shifter. I used the stock shifter piece and choped it up for the new one.


Here is a picture of my transmission crossmember and shifter bracket:



This gives you a good idea of how the shifter looks now:



Shifter through the stock hole:



Sorry for the quality on this, its kinda crappy. But here the the console installed and ready to go:



Transmission and shifter feel is MUCH improved over stock haha.


I made the crossmember from some 3/16" angle iron, ended up being very easy to make and worked out very well:



I had a driveshaft made per Garrett's deminsions by Powertrain Industries in California. I called in the deminsions and part numbers and they made AND shipped it out the same day. I had a different diffferent flange then Garret through so Im tracking one down right now before I can get the car rolling. The length is perfect for the series one as well.


I havent driven the car yet as I still need to get another flange but so far so good! Should have the car on the road next weekend. Hopefully I can finishe before SEZ!!! Still have to get my methonal up and running and have her tuned!!!


Ill be updating this thread as I go, Ive got some more pictures on my other comptuer.


**PS. I do have extra adaptors...two of them are already spoken for, as of now I have one left, if you are interested in it please PM me. If there is interest I may be making another run.

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Very nice adapter!

Might I posit a question? Would it be worthwhile to put some 'horns' on the adapter to allow a semi-engine plate installation? Using a horn left and right with either an axle snubber or engine mount in place on a C-Sectioned portion of the framerails would allow a very nice, solid mount, relative to torqueover and reaction torque on deceleration, all without the hassle of true solid engine mounts on the L-Block.


Basically rubber mounted engine with very limited torqueover movement.


Even if you don't put the horns on it, with that substantial a plate, simply machining a few holes and making some reaction arms to blot to it would suffice as well, I suppose.


Just a thought.

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I believe I have all the extras sold right now guys.. I still dont have the money from them yet so its not for certain. But I am selling these for $350 with machining your bellhousing and 300 without, bolts included.


Like I mentioned before if there is enough interest for more, I will consider making another run. If there is alot of interest I will see how much a machine shop can turn them out for and I can make lots. Right now Im having them done at work so its pretty low volume.


So far the tranny is working awesome, ive had the pleasure of abusing it for a couple days, the real test will be at SEZ. It sure sounds nice and shifts easy :) Alot better then stock, and shes holding 26psi right now, 20psi obliterated 3rd in my stock 280z tranny.



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Are you relocating the starter from stock Z32 location and using the z32 bellhousing on the ones in the pic.


I ask this because the Z31 and pathfinder implementation have the starter in front of the bellhousing in the same location as in the pictures above rather than bolted to the side of the bellhousing like the Z32.



I really should provide pics but I won't be able to do that until tomorrow at best.

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