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Anyone setup an MS to run the VR Dist?

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I did get the setup to work however it seems the pickup is rather sensitive in the dizzy and mine went out. To get another one was 100+ so I scraped the setup all together. My Z has been sitting since then.

Hoping to resurrect her this summer.


EDIT... re-read the thread and seems a couple other have working setups, I just didn't seem to have good repeatable results.

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Just thought i would add something interesting to this discussion...


Here is the output for the 280z VR sensor from the FSM:




Here is an excerpt from msextra manual:




As you can see in the msextra picture our vr sensors are wired like the bottom figure (red) and we also have the output like the bottom figure which means we should be using falling edge unless we swap the wires. I saw a few posts saying to use the rising edge which seems wrong according to the pictures.


I have mine wired as such but seem to get what is called timing jitter. The FSM states that a bad pickup coil could produce the opposite signal (dashed line in first image) which could explain this jitter but i do not have a scope to back this up.

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