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Z32 transmission(s)

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The only difference though that I know of is the starter location. They changed it on the turbo version to give the turbos more clearance.


Me and Garret choose to run N/A transmissions for several reasons.

1.) They are cheaper, since the turbo guys cant run them.

2.) They haven't been as abused (in most cases) since they have been behind a NA motor


Now the Z32 transmissions are strong and MUCH better then the factory 5 speed. You aren't going to shear the teeth off the gears but the USDM transmissions have weak syncros. IF you want a bullet proof Z32 swap you need to get one from a post 96 300zxtt from japan!


** I have a Z32 transmission adapter and a N/A 300zx transmission that I would consider selling if you are interested.

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Yes, the USDM synchros are a weak point for sure. That is my first biggest complaint about this transmission, oh, and the shifter has a bit of a rubbery, numb feel. Shifter doesn't feel as crisp and precise as say the Datsun 5 speed, W/C T-5, T-56 etc, though they are proving themselves able to take a LOT of abuse power wise.



If you don’t mind, and while we are on the subject, I have a few questions.


1) Are the ’90-’96 JDM 5 speeds any different than the USDM, i.e. synchros?


2) In regards to the post ’96 JDM trans, were there any changes internally, externally?


3) For the USDM Z-32 5 speeds, are there upgraded synchros available to improve not only the shift quality, but also deal with the weak synchro issue?

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I know that the post 96 JDM transmissions have a much stronger syncro design. I cant say as far as the gearing goes.


I don't think there are any external changes as they bolt up in to the USDM cars . One of the guys in my local Z club is putting down 758hp through a JDM unit without any problems so far on 255 MT's... he blew several 3rd gear syncros in the USDM transmissions before switching.


Anyway hopefully somebody with some more concrete information will chime in. Ad btw I dont think the syncros are too big of an issue unless you are planning on drag racings and power shifting.

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I believe me and Garret had the same problem happen to us. After SEZ I couldn't shift into 4th at high rpms under full load (26psi). I have to kinda wait and then shift if that makes any sense. Didn't have any trouble driving around etc just under full load shifting fast. Its always the 3rd-4th syncro that goes. Anyway we were both running 26psi and drag radials so there was obviously a good bit of abuse there.


I guess one way to look at it is the stock transmission will simply blow under load at 20+psi, and the only thing happening to the z32 trannys is the syncros. And these were junkyard trannys to sooo condition wasn't known.

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Well taking a look inside wouldnt be too hard.


also drop the oil and check for shavings that is even more simple.


alot of the time dodgey synchros can be tamed with different and possibly slicker synthetic oils.

I do hope you give a go over of junkyard transmissions flushing them with cheap oil for a hundred miles and going to a synthetic.


it may help guys if you already havent done it.

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