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DIS... in 1917


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You ought to see him start it!


Let me guess: you have to jump on your right foot exactly 23 times while going around the car, while at the same time signing the Alphabet in German backwards, all of this after having pulled about a 100 switches and levers in the correct order, while holding your breath and praying the God of cars for it to start and then, turning the key at the right speed while pressing the clutch and gas pedals at correct angles????


Certainly looks like that... LOL

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Shaker Coils, self-igniting and great for practical jokes involving doorknobs and metal chairs!


That setup isn't the greatest for 'spark timing consistency'! LOL


They used individual coils for the same reason they do nowadays: They couldn't find wire thin enough to wind the coil for enough voltage and still have a fast enough rise time to full saturation for consistent firing. Now the engines rev so high the time they have to charge a single coil (because they CAN get thin wire now...) is limited, and they start getting insufficient charge time above, say, 7500rpms on a 6 cylinder.


Same end result, multiple coils, different reasons why they couldn't reach saturation.


Those shakers will jolt the hell out of you when you grab the knob!

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