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DIY throttle body


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I read in one of my old car mags about gutting a 4 barrel carb to use as a throttle body. Now that I'm actually ready to build my V8 (putting it in my 280zx 2+2) I can't find the article or any relevant info on the web! Has anyone here done this or have any info/ suggestions?

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I'm pretty much at the same stage as you. I though about getting a older 750cfm 4 barrel carb and using that as the throttlebody for my efi system (megasquirt). I am dismissed the idea because the 4 barrell has no provisions for a TPS. I am now going to make an elbow from the intake to the throttle body and I will be using a throttle body of a q45. It has a 90 mm throttle plate and has a progressive linkage system. It also has a provision for extra air during cold starts gouverned by your colant temperature.


you can actually buy carb style billet throttlebodies but the are very expensive ($400+). they come with TPS and progressive linkage.



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Or if you really want to get creative (and spend a few more bucks), you can scrounge old Hilborn mechanical injector manifolds, Enderle Bugcatchers, etc. and have Craig Railsback at BDS (Blower Drive Service) in Whittier, CA build you a custom EFI throttle body and GM TPS.


My 540cid BB '34 Chevy streetrod runs a modified Enderle Birdcatcher (odd name for a bigger bug catcher), TPS, and integral MAP sensor for a 1000 CFM throttle body. I'm running a VW Jetta K&N air filter and Enderle intercooler below the Birdcatcher into a high rise TrickFlow manifold with 48 lb/hr injectors welded onto it. I'd put it in my Z, but I don't think it would fit (the '34 Chevy has a very tall engine compartment).


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Actually, Kinsler makes a TPS bracket that allows you to mount a GM style TPS just about anywhere along the llinkage. It operates with a linkage arm, and if you have a 'kickdown cable' for that V8 Lump, you can connect it to that easily putting it anywhere you can fit it, connected via an aux throttle cable..


Another alternative is to slot the throttle shaft, and 'extend' it slightly to actuate a TPS.

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Attached .jpg is a picture of the bracket I made out of 2" x 2" aluminum 90 degree angle stock. It holds a GM TPS, with a simple linkage attached to my Enderle Birdcatcher throttle shaft that is modified to work as an EFI throttle body on my 540 cid tall deck big block (this engine is in my street rod, and not in a Z, but the principle is the same. The action is very smooth, and the throttle stops on the birdcatcher allow full motion of the TPS without allowing it to be over extended. I hopw this gives you another option for consideration.



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