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  1. Xander

    Fiber glass doorskins

    I would love to see some pictures when you get them. Did you order them from FRP Automotive?
  2. diesel waterpumps seam to be pretty easily obtainable here in Europe. Check out https://www.autodoc.co.uk/aisin/8165212. Here in the Netherlands the pump is €55 though.
  3. Xander

    Asbestos in 77 280z

    I have been working in asbestos remediation since the late nineties. Here in the Netherlands asbestos has been forbidden since 1993. It is illegal to sell, buy or stock any asbestos containing products. Most people have no idea how to recognize asbestos so a lot of products are still out there. Remember that asbestos is only dangerous if inhaled. In my 1973 240Z the gaskets (engine and diff), brake pads and clutch disc contained asbestos. The easy way to check is to look for fibers on the edge of the material. If you see fibers you can hold a flame to it from a cigarette lighter. If the fibers glow but stay in tact it is probably asbestos. If the fiber burns or melts you can be pretty sure it is not asbestos. This off course only works with visible fibers. On gasket material it should be pretty obvious but on brake pads fibers might not be visible. When removing gaskets It is good practice to keep the gasket wet and only use a gasket scraper and not a rotating disc. Any high RPM device will bring the fibers into the air. Air tools are even worse since they move a lot of air.
  4. Xander

    Hi I have no idea what I am doing

    Use Google when searching this site. Just type site:hybrids.org followed by your search words into Google. Way easier to search that way. Good luck.
  5. Xander

    Which megasquirt version is recommended?

    I run a 36-1 trigger wheel using a hall switch, I run Waste Spark DIS ignition, I have an extra input for fuel pressure logging and I run 440cc injectors (RX7). All on a MS1 with a V2.2 board. Do you need MS2/3?
  6. Xander

    L28ET not reliable as a endurance track car

    I am no racer by any means, but I would approach this differently. Racecars need to be as simple as possible (KISS). And with endurance racing thermal management seems very important indeed. Make the head flow. and keep it under 7000RPM. no fancy pistons needed. Get the engine up to 225-250 hp NA and THEN ad a turbo. run it at 5 psi. No intercooler needed. A intercooler is just another part to fail. Just think of all the connections in the piping. This should get you into the 300-350HP range easy. No expensive pistons, no electric fan (just the mechanical one), no intercooler with a bunch of silicone connectors. This also keeps the weight penalty for adding a turbo down. Maybe I am a crazy but keeping it simple seems like a good idea.
  7. Xander

    L24 turbo conversion help needed

    Man! how awesome is that. Your first post and look at the reply you got! I don't post very often but I have been in your place in the past. I had an L26 with a E88 head that I converted to fuel injection. You can drill and tap any head to fit a fuel injection manifold. If I were you I would first convert the block to fuel injection. Megasquirt is a good way to go if you can build it yourself. get comfortable with tuning and running on fuel injection. To got turbo after that is easy. This way you can also spread the costs a bit. As a general rule you can say that a project like this will always cost you more that you anticipated. It's the little things that add up. Turbo manifold $50 Tubocharger $300 (chinese ebay unit) Oil feed line $ 25 Oil return line $25 Oil feed fitting $5 Oil return fitting $5 Block oil feed fitting $5 (1/8 T fitting) Block oil return fitting $5 Intake manifold $100 Throttle body $50 Injectors $300 ECM (DIY Megasquirt base unit with mods for ignition) $250 Fuel rail $25 (stock unit) Fuel pressure regulator $50 Fuel pump $100 Crank trigger wheel or dizzy $150 Down pipe $100 Intercooler $250 Intercooler piping $50 Intercooler piping joiners (silicone couplers) $75 Clamps $50 That's about $2000 right there and I would like to add another $1000: new fuel lines $50 laptop and tuning cable $250 2,5" exhaust $250 fuel filter $10 throttle cable setup $25 electric Fan $100 (stock fan doesn't fit with intercooler piping in place) Wideband O2 sensor $150 (Tunerstudio's autotune is awesome) full version of Tuner Studio $60 Jim Stim megasquirt stimulator $60 With a lot of searching you can probably reduce the price a little bit. But the money you save on deals you find will be swallowed up in all the unforeseen stuff. I hope this does not discourage you. A S30 with a turbo is pretty awesome beast and totally worth the effort. Good luck and keep us posted
  8. Did you replace the ignition leads? I once had the same problem. running on only cylinder 1 and 6. The leads go on counter clockwise. not clockwise. that solved the problem for me .
  9. Xander

    240z chop top question.

    I know for a fact that Jack used a stock windscreen. I have seen his car in person. The main problem with a chopped roof is the side windows. If you have a good solution for that than your good to go. It really looks amazing. Very subtle but soooo much better. XW
  10. Xander

    240z chop top question.

  11. Xander

    MS1 OR MS2 upgrade which way to go HELP

    MS1-extra is actually MSnS-extra so you should be fine. http://www.msextra.com/doc/ms1extra/MS_Extra_Software_Manual.htm I am running MS1-extra (029y3) using a 36-1 trigger wheel with hall effect switch, triple BIP373 coil drivers with a IGN-6 coil pack (DIY-autotune). All this on a v2.2 board. I see no reason to upgrade to MS2 at this time. Get it running first. MS2 will not make it any easier. Your money will be better spend on a wideband O2 setup. And I totally agree with BLOZ UP on Tunerstudio. The autotune function is awesome.
  12. Xander

    Does this combination exist

    DAMN TONY D! That is right around the corner isn't it? It's been more that eight years since I was there. A lot has happened since then. And It's still impossible to get a decent rustfree S30 overhere .
  13. Xander

    Does this combination exist

    Or you could just buy this one from the Netherlands and be done with it. http://www.marktplaats.nl/a/auto-s/nissan/m854632242-nissan-240-260-z-2-6-sportcoupe-2-2.html?c=a2384ef0ece270f44503df9f8598c624&previousPage=lr Nice interior too.
  14. Xander

    36-1 trigger wheel and crank sensor

    check out diyautotune. They have everything you need.
  15. I use a bosch valve on my l28et. http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c372/preludefan/IdleAirValve.gif to control it I use a small PWM dimmer circuit. You can get these at: http://www.dx.com/p/pwm-dc-converter-motor-speed-controller-switch-green-12v-36v-10a-226934#.U9edRrHqris I have the little dashpot on my centre console to adjust my idle on the fly. Works very well.