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Any members rebuild standard trans?


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There HAS to be a trans shop in Houston that can service that trans for you. Don't be afraid, get a service manual, tear it appart, take picutres and notes and put it back together. Just make sure you SEAT the retaining rings really well! :)


If you bring it up to Tulsa, I'll do it but I can't confirm how long it will take to get done.

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If you can get access to a hydraulic press and shop manual then you can easily do it yourself. I did a 77 5 speed 4-5 years ago with a kit I bought for about a hundred bucks. It included syncros and bearings.


On a another note I KNOW there is a good manual trans place down in south houston somewhere. I don't remember the name, but it was on telephone or mykawa or somewhere down near Hobby airport. I put everything together and then had them look over it to make sure I didn't totally screw something up since I was only 17 or so at the time.


Also there used to be a junkyard up just little bit north of 610 and east of 290 that had a bunch of Z's as well as some Z trannies that were already pulled that he was selling for $100 apiece. It was either on W 34 or Tidwell , but I'm not entirely sure since I haven't lived in Houston for about 5 years. You had to know what you were looking at though cuz none of them were labeled so it could be a bit tricky figuring out what year it was out of. I think I ended up getting a early zx 5-speed, but I'm not positive on that.

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The mechanic that works on all my cars here in Fredericksburg has an employee that is rebuilding my 280zx 5 speed now. I originally had a transmission shop in Kerrville do it (prior to the local mechanic being hired) about a year ago and they did a poor job. The current mechanic found many things the transmission shop did poorly and seems very knowledgeable to me.


Doc's Auto

Fredericksburg, TX


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telephone has some junkyards too but that can be a rough area. I think there is a pick and pull off tidwell, I've gotten 2 from there 50 bucks a pop. (my friend picked them up so not positive on the location)


Ollie is a member on here and lives on the South side, maybe he knows the manual repair shop. I know of a good race shop up here on the NOrth side but they wanted like 600 bucks to do it. I laughed and haven't been back since.

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