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It's official Chevy 4.2ltr into a 70 Z Car! Need help Guys!

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I order a I6 Manifold off Fleebay, so I will have a Jump on the Head Plates for those wanting to build a Custom Turbo Manifold, or God forbid run ITB's! LOL! :)


Also why is everyone worring about the Oil pan? I'm worried about the Transfer case! :eek: Hahahaha! Wouldn't that be a Hoot?


FWD Spindles, coil overs, drivers seat on the roof? hahaha! Put the Crack pipe down and back away slowly!



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The Chevy I6 Manifold came in, and I pulled all the Dimensional information off it, and here is the results!


I am doing a whole new deal for us, going away from the WEBER style 90/120mm base plates and I designed a single base plate on the 103mm stock bore spacing.


You have your Choice of Injector locations, Stock Injector location, ITB body Location or you can run Staged injection from the ITB or the Horn location in conjunction with the Stock Injector location!!


Single Base Plate allows for a Series coupled shafts and a center throttle Cable Pull location!


Was going to pick up the new Z today, but of course we are having $hitty weather here! :(











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Hey Alex: We are not Worthy!!!! :wc:


Honestly Buddy I a struggling on the ethical side of using this CAR/shell/chassis for this Purpose! :( One of my All time Favorite cars I will own one day is a Porsche 935! See the irony here? :)


Guys for those that have no Idea what I am talking about above, the car's build date is 01/70 it's #935 to roll off the assembly line!


I was thinking about the Oil Pan Issue last night, and it may be as simple as sectioning the Stock 3.5/3.7ltr pans! It's already rear sump, but like my We we, a little short at times! The front and rear of the Pan is probably the same on the I5 as it is on the I6, simply cut and add a section to make the Pan Longer! We then should have a I6 ready to drop in and Fab up Motor Mounts!


Dan? Was the router Photo of the Pan and article some place? Those guys going to Cast a new PAN?



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Yeah I saw his website and watched a few of his Videos! He makes some NICE STUFF! Easier/more cost effective to CNC a Prototype from WOOD than our materials! Just wasn't sure if that was a Pattern for a CAST Pan or not!


I was on that site last night! Seems they may have lost lots of their Threads or Something, cause lot's of information seems to be missing!



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Guest OHCbird


I'm the guy you talked to @PRI last fall... great meeting you, BTW. Great looking products!


After reading through the threads, here's some info for ya:


1. The R154 bolts right up & you can use the flywheel from Jerry to run a Colorado clutch. There are already a few aftermarket performance versions available.


2. Get it rebuilt @ www.Marlincrawler.com; they are the Toyota 5 spd experts & are top-notch (I have one of their custom-built R151F's in my 4runner). Ask for Marlin or Big Mike. Marlin spent time with me to get my custom bell just right- well, well worth sending my trans across the country for a rebuild.


3. The Aisin MA5 (AR5) is basically the evolution of the R-series transmissions (same company), so they bolt right up:

(pictured is a Toyota R-series bell next to a Colorado/Canyon bell). If you can the setup from a newer (07/08) H3, than you'll get better synchros and better 1st & 3rd gears). If you can find it, the H3 uses a bigger clutch.



4. Oil pan- As I'm sure you figured out, you can use the back section of a 5cyl pan with the 'rail' of the 6cyl, giving you a rear sump. If you need engines / pans for mockup, let me know as I have several (esp if you want me to sample an ITB setup :wink: )


5. The #1 runner needs to be cocked back slightly if you want to run the alternator in the stock position, but that should be an easy easy fix.


6. There are several options as for engine control- Stock ECM w/ HP Tuners or EFI live, Megasquirt, Accel DFI (my choice), or even without (but why would ya do that???).


Drop me a line sometime- I'd like to help ya on this projet if I can!


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Hey Jeff:


Thanks for Joining us over here!


That Bell is humangous compared to the R series! :( So much for lots of engine set-back!


Finding a H3 5 Speed is the Problem I believe, I have looked, besides I have a R154 now!


alternator? Moving it out 1/2" and down 3/4" with a custom relocator mount bracket may do the trick! Want to try and keep all the Runners straight if possible.


I am going to try the Stock Computer and Manipulate it first, I have a good Friend in China with a EFi electronics company and they have a ECU running Bi-fuel, he wants to tackle the Twin Injection Gas/Ethanol from a staged standpoint, see how that goes!


Working with you on an ITB Set-up is no Problem!





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Hey Guys


working with a Friend in the Electronics side of the EFi equation about a Standalone Package for the 4200 I6 Motors!


Anyone know:

1. I also don't yet know the specs on the VVT control for that I6. If you can dig up some data on the actual signals, it'd be great (I'm assuming it's a PWM signal, but need to know the frequency and voltage level, and also it would need to be calibrated get it to move to the correct position as quickly as possible?

2. Need to know ASAP how the coils are driven - whether it's "smart" and needs a +5V signal to charge, or whether they are just dumb coils and need the ECU to drive them by pulling the 12v signal down. Hope it's the latter, but maybe we can make something to make a 5v signal output instead.


Help here?



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