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Poll: How should I go about a "Resurrection Log?"

How should I set up my resurrection log?  

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  1. 1. How should I set up my resurrection log?

    • "Open" thread here at HybridZ
    • "Closed" Project thread here at HybridZ
    • Cardomain/Blog type personal webpage
    • Privately hosted personal webpage (need hosting)

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Okay, I have decided to borrow one of the good multimeters and get to working on my car. 1975 280Z 2 seater. Click "Fusible links blow" in my sig for a LONG story of when, and how, it got sidelined from DD use in October of 2004, and some pictures.


Long story short, fusible link block burnt. Step one in resurrecting her is finding that short, and replacing the minimal fire damage (maxi fuse conversion and internally regulated Maxima alt conversion at the same time.)


Step two will be a thorough testing of all FI components, under the hood and at the ECU plug; step three will be refreshing the coolant, oil, and fuel systems, step four will be rear brakes and then step five is installation of the new exhaust. Then, on to rust repair and suspension work.


Steps one and two are the crucial ones as far as this post is concerned.. I want to do a nice, thorough progress report style log of my work, and I want to include all the literature from the EFI Bible regarding relevant testing procedures. I want to check EVERY thing, because I never REALLY ran all my diagnostics right before.


So, in essence, I want to write a brief "how-to" guide that could be used to walk up to the proverbial Z-car in a field, walk through the steps I go through, and start the car up once all tests are satisfied. I am talking about something that in some ways would be superfluous to having a copy of the EFI bible itself.. a "user friendly" demonstration of how to use the book, that included the relevant pages FROM the book and photos of exactly what I do.



So, yadda yadda, got wrench and meter work to do, allright.. in my head I realized that I wanted to do this write-up, but I am unsure what medium to use. Basically my options are thus:


1. "Open" thread here in the S30 sub-forum

2. "Closed" thread in the Member's Projects sub-forum

3. Personal blog/website through one of the many freely available providers of such services (cardomain et al)

4. PERSONAL Personal blog/website (would need someone to volunteer to host this)


Option 4 seems to me to be the nicest and most presentable way to go about it, but I have no hosting capabilities and have never scratchbuilt a website before, although I AM 110% indoctrinated into the world of personal computing (the Army trained my old man on a UNIVAC at Ft Monmouth in the 60's and he has been IT ever since, I've been PCing since I was eight (1988)) and know its as simple as using a word processor if I wind up going that route.


Failing the ability to set up my own PERSONAL website, I am leaning more towards "Open thread" here (in hopes of getting a sticky) but if I do so I would want minimal irrelevant feedback.. RELEVANT feedback and assistance is great, I don't wanna be a Nazi about it.. but I would want it to be troll-free.





What do my fellow users and moderators think would be the most useful, easy-to-find, and generally speaking BEST way for me to go about doing this? I want to finish with a useful product to help other people either resurrect a vehicle from long idle-time, or even just track down problems in a tricky car. Basically, I want to have a demonstration of how easy diagnosing and repairing this EFI system really is, when armed with a multimeter and the EFI bible.





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I would do option 3/4, or even a personal log book kept in a binder. which is what I do. I have the EFI diagnostic test section printed out so I can keep it close at hand, as well as a composition notebook for keeping track of other things like work that needs to be done, work already done, parts replaced, parts that need replacing, adjustment tolerances for things like the valves, and a small list of torque ratings.

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well i am a php guy so if you need a hosting service (if you go option 4) let me know and i will send a few links your way via a pm with free hosting services but there is alot of work to do when you go that route its not alway as simple as people think but it can be anyway you go about it i cant wait to read all about it

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Start a new thread in the "Ignition and Electrical" sub forum.


excellent idea, for many reasons that are becoming clearer as time passes... extra weight added to "open thread" option.


Anything I do will be authored in one fell swoop after all the work is finished; this isn't going to be a running log so much as a step-by-step.. so I MAY just do a closed build thread as a backbone, post separately with any issues I have (not expecting much I can't handle) and then once the car is started go back through my pictures, plagiarize the EFI bible (with credit given) for graphics to add to the pictures (and either text, or graphics of the tests..) and basically, submit it as one large (probably two or three sequential) posts to be critiqued and edited as necessary.


I'm picturing more or less a book; a picture book version of the Bible as an end result, which is one reason I had thought to go so far as creating a webpage from scratch. In fact, I may even do it all as images specifically for ease of printing? I don't know, we shall see.


This is a long and ponderous process I am about to embark on, so I don't expect any fruition of this particular sub-project for a few months at least. After all; I will have a car to be working on!! Despite that, I appreciate all the feedback.

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