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My new DD!!! $600!!!!!!


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That's right folks! A 1990 RX7 GTU for $600!!! It needs a motor, so I drove to D.C. yesterday and pulled the motor at Belvoir Salvage. The car looks like no one has ever even sat in it aside from the small tear on the @$$ bolster on the drivers seat. Tell me what you think! (Aside from the whole RWD in the snow thing, I know in that sense it was kinda dumb.)100_1170.jpg









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What are the plans for it? Just put a replacement motor in? If my memory serves me correctly, the GTU is n/a, with LSD rear ends that can take a decent chunk of power.


I'd vote for a nice V8, lots more options for power. Maybe a 302, since the SBF's have more T5 transmissions for a better price, at least it sure seems so.

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A friend of mine just sold a turbo II RX7. It was in good shape, needed some body work, and the engine was blown. He sold it for 475$.


If I had all the money in the world, I would have swapped a 3 rotor twin turbo motor into it.


Check out this website for motors. Pretty good deals I think.


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Thanks for the comments! I'm thinking about the v8 swap. As of right now I'm just putting the stock 13b back in it, just to beat around on. The gtu as far as I know has a better motor than a regular rx7, and is the best motor to turbo. It's a 6 port motor, making it breathe better. This is a video of aaron cake's car. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE4_BEgrKrc. I hope I start making some good money again so I can afford to do the swap I choose! hahahaha!

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